Electrolytic Water Treatment Systems


A safe and controlled technique of generating sodium hypochlorite in both inland and offshore applications,
Sodium hypochlorite generators designed for use with either sea water or brine,
Low running cost and efficient chlorine sterilization capacity,
Effective control of adhesion and growth of biological organisms,
Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete turnkey projects,

Chlorine production capability ranging from 0.1kg/h - 2000kg/h,
A range of standard units available,
Modular design to facilitate serviceability and expansion,
Safe, non hazardous and removes the need to handle toxic chemicals,
Ease of maintenance and environmentally friendly,
Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials,
No special operational skills required,


§ Control of sulphate reducing and ferric bacteria in oilfield backfill water
§ Cooling water treatment
Electricity generating power plants
Petrochemical and chemical plants
Oil refining plants
Ship and offshore installations
Air conditioning systems
§ Swimming pool sterilization
§ Living sewage treatment
§ Tap water disposal
§ Waste water treatment
Degradation of BOD and COD
Cyanide treatment

Brine Electrolyser - Process Flow


Sea Water System - Process Flow