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Cathodic Protection

Platinised rod and tube
MMO coated rod, tube wire, disc, mesh and ribbon in singles, strings and canistered
Porous tube, disc and plate READ MORE

R, D and S shaped anodes
High potential anodes
H-1 Alloy anodes
Pre-packaged anodes
Cast rod AZ-63 alloy anodes
Extruded rod and ribbon anodes

Cast anodes
Extruded rod

Cast anodes
Ribbon anode

Silicon Iron
High silicon cast iron rod
High silicon cast iron tubular anodes

CP Wire and Cable

Anode Backfill
Metallurgical coke breeze
Calcined Petroleum coke

Associated CP Materials
Reference Electrodes
Test station/Junction boxes
CP Toolkits
Insulation flanges
Thermit welding power and mould
Heat shrink pipe

Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment
Electricity generating power plants
Petrochemical and chemical plants
Oil refining plants
Ship and offshore installations
Air conditioning systems

Swimming Pool Sterilisation

Living Sewage Treatment

Tap Water Disposal
Waste water treatment
Degradation of BOD and COD
Cyanide treatment

Control of Sulphate Reducing and Ferric Bacteria in Oil Field Backfilling Water

Pipeline Survey

Pipeline Survey (Underground and Underwater)Our new and innovative world leading Non Contact Magnetic Tomography technique, created and patented in the Russian Federation, can be used to survey both trunk and urban pipelines. Non piggable lines and short sections can be surveyed, detection accuracy exceeds that of in line methods using intelligent pigs and a comprehensive survey can be offered at a far lower cost than current traditional techniques.

Oil lines
Gas lines
Water lines


Explosion Welded Composites

Non-ferrous metals material clad plates series. Colored metals material clad plates series. Stainless steel material clad plates series. Precious metals, Refractory metals and alloy clad plates series. Multi-layer clad plates series. Metal clad (tube plates),clad tube joint series Read More


Magnesium plate and sheet Titanium Ingot. Bar and Tube (Produced in accordance with international specifications) Read More

Precision Machining

Small high volume parts welcome Includes machining nickel based alloys, titanium, copper, bronze and stainless steel Special processes include electron beam welding , electroplating and heat treatments

Overhead Powerline Protection

The only patented grease in the world to have been formulated especially for the protection of overhead conductors from corrosion.

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